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If you’re searching for a better way to build, while giving you the lowest monthly utility costs, then Thermocore’s Structural Insulated Panels are the right product for you. For either new construction or renovation, Thermocore wall and roof panels are your best weapon against high utility costs and building delays due to inclement weather. From the beginning of the framing process until the day you move out, , no other building product will return as much as building Thermocore panels.


  • Are Thermocore SIPs structural?


  • Can I use standard window jambs with Thermocore SIPs?

    Yes. Thermocore SIPs are the first production panels that can be used with standard window jambs, so there’s no need for costly window jamb extensions (as there is with EPS panels).

  • Can I add to or alter my panels after they are installed?

    Yes. Our panels can be modified in the field, with most window location and electrical changes taking less than 10 minutes.

  • Do Thermocore SIPs have studs?

    Although Thermocore SIPs do not use studs, they’re designed with the same construction principles found in steel I-beams, making them two to three times stronger than today’s stick built walls. The foam core and the two skins form an I-beam matrix that is extremely strong and lightweight. Unique tongue and groove joints lock the entire house together, making it a structural system rather than separate wall sections.

  • Who can install my panels?

    Due to Thermocore’s advance manufacturing process, building with Thermocore SIPs is simpler than traditional stick framing. Your general contractor or framing crew should be able to handle installation of the panels.

  • Can Thermocore SIPs be used with any house design?

    Virtually any house design can be built with Thermocore SIPs. In some cases, though, it may make more sense to use a conventional roof with our wall panels. Our staff will be happy to discuss your design with you and recommend the best method. If you need help designing a home with Thermocore structural insulated panels, see our list of experienced architects and builders.

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