Top off your structure with Thermocore’s industry leading roof panels.

Pre-cut to your exact specifications with all of the 2x lumber installed, Thermocore roof panels will save you time and labor on site. Don’t forget electrical boxes and conduit are installed custom to your plan.  No other panel system can offer these money saving features.

Factory molded ridge and eve board
Class 1 polyurethane foam core

Will not melt in fire

Factory molded tongue and groove joinery
CNC cut door/window openings with 2x bucks included
Electrical boxes and conduit included custom to your plan
Factory molded in top plate
Factory supplied sill plate
Wall panel R-values

4" wall panel R-24     6-1/2" wall panel R-40

Roof panel R-values

6-1/2" roof panel R-40     8-1/4" roof panel R-50


  • 6-½” - R-40
  • 8-¼” - R-50
  • All panels are CNC cut to your specifications 
  • Electrical boxes and conduit custom installed to your plan
  • Panels come complete with subfacia, ridge, and gable nailers
  • No better way to maximize the energy efficiency of your building envelope and speed the return on your investment
  • Detailed Specifications

    Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels are high-quality foam core panels suitable for exterior wall and roof systems in residential and commercial applications. Designed to enclose timber frame structures, log structures and conventional buildings, this one-piece product is completely structural and can substitute for conventional framing in most applications. Because they are custom-manufactured, Thermocore panels allow extensive design freedom.

    Basic Composition

    Each panel is composed of a polyurethane insulation core with interior and exterior skins of oriented strand board. Panels are precisely custom-manufactured to drawings through a foam injection process in which the polyurethane bonds directly to the skins. They include pre-installed corners, door bucks, window bucks, subfacia and electrical conduit boxes. Pre-engineered header and beam pockets are molded into panels.

    Physical Properties

    Overall Thickness: 6-7/16″, 8-1/4″ (+/- 3/8″)

    Inner/Outer Skin: 7/16″ oriented strand board. All OSB is exterior-rated and is APA/Teco-rated for structural use

    Insulation Core

    2.2 lb. density, Class 1, closed-cell foam. Contains no formaldehyde or CFCs. Self-adhering polyurethane foam is injected between the skins to ensure a consistent, superior bond and structural integrity. The foam exhibits these properties:

    6-½” Thermocore Roof Panel R-40

    8-¼” Thermocore Roof Panel R-50

    Thermocore panels carry a limited lifetime warranty against delamination.

    Fire Safety

    • Foam Fire Rating: Class I
    • Flame Spread: 20 (ASTM E-84)
    • Smoke Developed: 300 (ASTM E-84)
    • Structural Integrity: Polyurethane foam is a thermoset plastic which does not melt and maintains structural integrity until consumed
  • R-values

    R-Value Comparison by the Insulation Institute

    6-½” Thermocore Wall Panel R-40

    8-¼” Thermocore Wall Panel R-50

  • Specifier and Load Tables
  • Warranty

    Thermocore panels carry a limited lifetime warranty against delamination.

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