Looking for the most cost-effective insulated wall panel on the market?

Thermocore’s wall panels boast the highest R-value per inch and more money saving features than any EPS system. Thermocore SIPs offer the industry’s only 4” R-24 wall panel, the same R-value as a 6-1/2” EPS panel without the added cost of window jamb extensions. Thermocore wall panels also come with the added feature of custom electrical boxes and conduit pre-installed. This feature alone will save thousands of dollars on your electrical rough in costs. Thermocore wall panels come complete with all door/window bucks installed. Fast, energy efficient, and factory built to your plan. Thermocore is the world’s most advanced wall system. Looking for more R-value build with Thermocore’s 6-1/2” R-40 wall panels. All the features with the industry’s highest R-value.

Build smarter and save money.

A Safer Foam Core


Expanded Polystyrene

Polyurethane is its own vapor barrier, has a higher density (and thus strength), will never melt or reshape, is self-extinguishing, and is resistent to most counter chemicals.

Speed to Build

Framesulate: Frame and built in one step

Stick Built:
Frame and insulate separate steps/trades

With Thermocore, you can realize up to a 60% savings in labor!

Included Features

More standard features

None - charge extra for cutting, added lumber, chases, and more

Custom cut panels, door and window bucks, headers, electrical boxes and conduit are just some of the panel features included at no extra charge.

Most Energy-Efficient SIP

Thermocore R-value:
6.9 per inch

EPS R-value:
3.5 per inch

Twice the R-value means a shorter payback on your Thermocore investment dollar.  Thermore will give the lower HVAC costs vs. EPS panels.  Higher R-value means lower HVAC cost and more money in your pocket.


  • Patented 4” R-24 wall panels the only SIP that accommodates standard window jambs
  • 6-1/2” R-40 wall panel
  • Electrical boxes and ¾" conduit installed custom to your plan not available with EPS
  • Includes the sill plate, top plate, and other 2X material; corner nailers; header and post pockets; door and window openings framed with 2x4 wood bucks
  • All panels are CNC cut to your exact specifications
  • Detailed Specifications

    Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels are high-quality polyurethane foam core panels suitable for exterior wall applications in residential and commercial applications. Thermocore wall panels are completely structural and can be substitute for conventional framing in most applications. Because they are custom-manufactured, Thermocore panels allow extensive design freedom.

    Physical Properties

    Overall Thickness: Patented 4" R-24 and 6-7/16″ (+/- 1/4″) R-40

    Inner/Outer Skin: 7/16″ oriented strand board. All OSB is exterior-rated and is APA/Teco-rated for structural use

    Insulating Core

    3-1/8″ or 5-1/2″ closed cell polyurethane foam core with a minimum core density of 2.2 with a true Class 1 fire rating. Polyurethane foam will not melt when exposed to heat like EPS.  The foam exhibits these additional properties:

    • Compressive Strength: 26 psi
    • Tensile Strength: 18 psi
    • Shear Strength/Modulus: 22/300 psi
    • Porosity: 95%
    • Will not promote the growth of mold
    • Serves as its own vapor barrier
  • R-values

    R-Value Comparison by the Insulation Institute

    4” Thermocore Wall Panel R-24

    6-½” Thermocore Wall Panel R-40

    The term R-value is the most popular term used to measure various insulating materials. Unfortunately, what is printed on the bag or on the material itself often gives a poor representation of how the product performs in the field. In order to better understand how insulating products work it is important to understand what R-values measure. R-value is the measurement of resistance of heat flow through a particular product. The higher the R-value, the greater the product’s resistance to heat transfer.

  • Specifier and Load Tables
  • Warranty

    Thermocore panels carry a limited lifetime warranty against delamination.

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