SIPs vs. Stick Built

Traditional or conventional stick frame construction has been used for over 100 years.

If that sounds old that’s because it is. No other industry is using the same labor intensive and wasteful techniques of 100 years ago. Modern buildings need modern building products and that is exactly what Thermocore brings to the table. Comparing Thermocore to stick framing is the equivalent of comparing the automobile to the horse. Both can get the job done but one seems highly antiquated.

See what the Thermocore advantage can bring to your next building project.

  Thermocore Stick Built
Energy Usage & Savings
60-100% Savings Baseline
     HERS Index 65% Better Baseline
     R-value (Whole Wall) 119-157% Higher
R-21.0 (4.0" Thick)
R-35.2 (6.5" Thick)
R-9.6 (4.0" Thick)
R-13.7 (6.5" Thick)
     Air Leakage (Based on blower door tests) 85-88% Less
6.0-7.5 average
     Thermal Bridging

Thermocore panels eliminate studs, in turn eliminating thermal bridging.

More framing = more heat loss; 35-40% avg. R-value reduction
    HVAC System Sizing Up to 40% Savings
Smaller HVAC required
Larger HVAC required
    Resale Home Value Higher Baseline
    Tax Incentives (for Energy Efficient Homes) May qualify for state, national programs N/A
Labor Savings
Up to 60% Savings Baseline
Slow and highly labor Intensive
     Speed to Build 50-60% Faster
Framesulate - Frame & Insulate in one 

Slowest building method with multiple steps and trades.

Environmental Impact
Lowest High
      CO2 Emissions (per year)

45% lower
Higher insulation means lower energy demand.

      Trees Thermocore uses 40-60% less lumber than framing.
Trees do the most good in the ground.
Stick framing is highly lumber intensive.
Fire & Moisture
     Fire Resistance

Thermocore foam core has a Class 1 fire rating and is self-extinguishing. 

Highly flammable
     Moisture Effect Polyurethane is a vapor barrier that will not allow moisture transmissions. Requires field applied vapor barrier

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