SIPs Cost and ROI

Real-World Savings

One Thermocore customer had an Energy Star Home Evaluation. His home was 3,573 square feet, and is located near Green Bay, Wisconsin. The report showed an annual energy savings of $3,265 or $272 per month versus a traditional stick-frame house. That's money in your pocket every month that you can't get from traditional stick framing.

The panels paid for themselves entirely in 10 years.

Return on Investment (ROI) of Thermocore SIPs vs. Stick Built

  Thermocore Stick Built

Roof: R-40
Wall: R-40

Mortgage Payment $65.00/mo higher Baseline
Energy Costs $272.00/mo lower Baseline

Thermocore panels guarantee a return on your building investment paying you back every month through low utility costs. You cannot get that return from any other building method.

Actual Results from the Energy Star Home Evaluation for the Green Bay, WI home.

  • Estimated Annual Energy Cost
    Use MMBtu Cost Percent
    Heating 31.8 $623 29%
    Cooling 0 $0 0%
    Hot Water 14.0 $272 13%
    Lights/Appliances 35.7 $1129 53%
    TOTAL   $2024 100%
  • Air Leakage Results

    Blower door test

    Measures air tightness of a building.

      Heating Cooling
    Natural ACH 0.04 0.03
    ACH @ 50 Pascals 0.55 0.55

    ACH stands for Air Changes per Hour - a measure of how much air exchanges (leaves) per hour. 50 Pascals is roughly equivalent to 20 MPH winds.

  • Energy Star Home Report

    This home exceeds the energy efficiency requirements for the designation as an EPA Energy Star Qualified Home.

      ENERGY STAR As Designed
    Heating 93.4 16.9
    Cooling 15.4 9.6
    Water heating 10.5 3.4
    Lighting & Appliances 33.1 40.9
    TOTAL 152.4 70.8
    HERS Index


    Pollution Prevented

    Types of Emissions Reduction
    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - tons/yr 10.7
    Sulfur Dioxide (SOs) - lbs/yr 7.7
    Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) - lbs/yr 27

    Energy Cost Savings ($/year)


    Cooling $116
    Water Heating $143
    Lights & Appliances $18
    TOTAL $3265

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