Timber framing and SIPs are a natural match. The beauty of natural wood framing combined with the superior energy efficiency only a SIP can bring. Like most things in life, not all SIPs are created equal. Thermocore’s Structural Insulated Panels with a polyurethane foam core gives you the highest R-value per inch, combined with more standard features than any other panels system. Features like complete CNC cutting of doors and windows and full electrical boxes and conduit are installed custom to your plan. The highest R-value per inch along with money saving standard features make Thermocore the smart choice to enclose your timber frame home.

Benefits of Using Thermocore’s Panel Systems for Timber Frames

  • Frame and insulate in one step to enclose your frame quickly; days vs. weeks
  • Maximum energy efficiency with completely custom designed panels
  • A foam core that will not burn or melt like EPS foam
  • Full electrical boxes and conduit installed in panels custom to your plan. You can’t get that from EPS manufacturers.  

In addition, Thermocore custom-manufactures structural insulated panels based on the specifics of your design, whether that’s complete timber frame or a hybrid. Get as creative as you want. Thermocore takes your plans and develops a SIPs package custom to your needs.

Looking for added benefits?

Thermocore’s pre-cut SIPs virtually eliminate waste at the worksite and go up faster to protect your structure. With electrical boxes and conduit already installed in the insulated wall and roof panels, electrical work costs less and goes quicker. Choose Thermocore’s four-inch structural insulated wall panels to accommodate standard window and door jambs and you’ll keep the price of your homes competitive with standard construction methods.

Why settle for less than maximum energy efficiency and the highest-quality enclosure?  Thermocore is the best thing next to your frame.

  • Specifications
    • Wall Panels Patented 4” R-24 and 6-1/2” R-40
    • Roof panels 6-1/2” R-40 and 8-1/4” R-50
    • All panels come completely custom to plan with all door/window openings CNC cut and bucked
    • All electrical boxes and conduit included custom to your plan
    • Thermocore panels are the fastest most energy efficient way to enclose your Timber Frame
  • Custom Manufactured Panels to Your Specific Plans
    • Completely custom panels created from your plans
    • No panel cutting or added splines/lumber on site
    • Thermocore can work from any standard building plan
    • Higher quality than field stick framing
    • Detailed panel drawings included
    • Allows for Architect/Builder design input prior to manufacturing. You can add/change electrical, windows and doors at no additional charge. Now that’s custom building at its best.
  • Build with Environmental Responsibility

    Build green. Build with Thermocore.

    • Thermocore structural panels use 40% less lumber than the equivalent stick built house. Less lumber means less poor quality or missing lumber pieces.
    • Thermocore pre-cut panels eliminate framing landfill waste.
    • Highest R-value per inch ensures you are building a “green” home that will consume far less natural resources.
    • Thermocore allows you to build to a higher quality while leaving the forest intact.
  • Enclose Your Frame Fast with Thermocore Panels
    • All panels are CNC manufactured to your specifications speeding install time
    • Electrical boxes and conduit custom pre-installed; reducing electrical rough in time and cost. Can’t get that feature from EPS
    • All splines and sealing gasket are included with panels to speed enclosure

    What other panel company can offer your frame all that??

  • Enhance your home's value
    • Higher quality than stick built construction
    • 5-star rated energy efficiency provides immediate payback, savings
    • Highest return on investment of any building method
    • Wall panels are R-24 and R-40, roof panels are R-40 and R-50, providing the highest R-value per inch of any building product
    • Panels carry a limited lifetime warranty against delamination

Ready to save energy? Money? Build faster?

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