Ohio Timber Framer Switches to SIP Construction

Timber Framing Business Owner chooses Thermocore Insulated Panels for his new home build in Ohio

Client: David Sheidler
Project Type: Residential Construction
SIP Benefits / Energy Savings: Less time to enclose house (2 days with Thermocore SIP panels compared to average of 10 days with other SIP panels)
Product: 4-inch SIP panels, 6-inch roof panels
Thickness of SIP Wall Panels: 4-inch insulated wall panels require only .5-inch drywall and standard window. No additional costs necessary
Builder: Morning Sky Timber Designs

Building a Case

Throughout two decades of timber framing, David Sheidler, owner of Morning Sky Timber Designs, tried 10 different structural insulated panel (SIP) manufacturers, from the Midwest to the west coast. Then David heard about Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels. “Thermocore was started by timber framers, so they knew what we were looking for. Our first job with them was flawless.”

  • Done in a Flash

    Done in a Flash

    On that first installation, “Our crew was used to struggling with SIPs for a week to 10 days, so when we enclosed the whole house in two days with Thermocore insulated panels, we were dumbstruck,” David said. “The job was beautiful.”

    Since then, David has designed more than 150 houses with Thermocore’s custom-cut, ready-to-install Structural Insulated Panels.

  • Do the Math

    Do the Math

    David recommends Thermocore SIPs to all his customers. “People who don’t choose panels don’t understand the entire process. SIPs for a 2,400 to 2,800 square-foot house can be installed in a couple of days. Stick framing takes a lot longer. Initial material costs may be less with stick framing, but then you have to factor in additional labor.”

    In the end, “The insulated panels are very competitive in cost,” David said. “Then you’re looking at the long-term heating and cooling savings.”

  • Sized to Fit

    Sized to Fit

    Only Thermocore’s patented 4-inch insulated wall panels accommodate standard building materials. “The four-inch Thermocore SIPs mimic a true four-inch, stick framed wall,” David said. “With Thermocore, all you need is a half-inch sheet of drywall and a standard window. There are no additional trim costs. And for a timber framed house—usually a high-end home—we’re talking about a lot of very large windows!”

    In addition to structural insulated wall panels, David uses Thermocore’s six-inch roof panels. “I like the low roof profile,” he said. “In order to achieve the R-40 of Thermocore’s insulated roof panels, you’d need a 12-inch panel from another manufacturer. That’s twice the thickness. The roof looks absolutely massive.”

  • The Electrician’s Helper

    The Electrician’s Helper

    With Thermocore SIPs, David also saves his customers money by minimizing the electrician’s time and trouble. “One thing that makes Thermocore very unique is that they put in electrical boxes and conduit,” he said. “I get a lot of feedback from electricians that they really love that concept.” No need to drill holes into studs, then fill them once the wiring is installed; the electrician just feeds the wire through Thermocore’s pre-installed conduit, connects and moves on.

    David also appreciates Thermocore’s flexibility. “They’re willing to work with you and the client on electrical requirements, whether it’s actual power, data cables or security wiring to every window.”

    For the past 10 years, David has stuck with Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels. “All the little things add up,” he said. “There’s great value in that.”

Don’t believe us yet? Hear it from our happy customers:

“I was dissatisfied with the whole state of SIPs. I was struggling and frustrated on site because of the amount of work required. Even manufacturers who cut the general profile of the panel weren’t very good at it...Thermocore was started by timber framers, so they knew what we were looking for. Our first job with them was flawless.”

-David Sheidler, Owner of Morning Sky Timber Designs in Ohio

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