Green Tax Credits

In addition to the ongoing energy savings you enjoy when you build with Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels, you’ll put even more money in your pockets through tax credits and incentives. In technical terms, homeowners are eligible for federal tax credits for building energy-efficient homes that achieve 50% energy savings over the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code, including 2004 supplements. According to the program, at least 1/5 of the energy savings must come from the building envelope’s improved level of insulation and air sealing.

What does that mean? The shell counts. When you use Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels, you shut out drafts and energy-robbers by putting the most effective, stud-less insulation into your building envelope. Because your home demands less energy, building with Thermocore SIPs is the ideal way to meet the standards and save money on your federal taxes. Plus, homes built with Thermocore insulated wall and roof panels don’t need a blower door test to meet the improvement standard. Cost-effective, rewarding, and simpler. What more could you ask?

Don’t forget that Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels also help your home earn an ENERGY STAR rating, which can qualify you for an energy-efficient mortgage program through the federal government. Just one more way to keep the green in your wallet while keeping the earth the same color.

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