What are SIPs?

What Are SIPs?Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs stands for Structural Insulated Panel.  Alternative names for SIPs are ”sandwich panels” and “foam core panels.” Typical SIP panels consist of an inner and outer skin composed of 7/16” Oriented Strained Board (OSB) and a foam core of varying thicknesses.   Used in the building industry for both residential and commercial construction, SIPs are utilized for the exterior walls and roof of a structure.  Panels have been used in residential construction since the 1950’s. 

The SIPs Advantage

One essential element and the true advantage of SIPs is the elimination of 2x stud materials in the field of the panels.  SIPs derive their strength from the two OSB skins much in the way an I-Beam gains its strength from the top and bottom flange. Eliminating studs from the field allows for a significant increase in R-value performance over stud built walls and wall systems.  Eliminating studs eliminates thermal bridging, a major source of heat loss in residential construction.  Studies have shown that utilizing studs in construction can increase overall heat/cooling demand by 10-12%.  SIPs solve the thermal bridging problem and also reduce framing time by up to 60%.  

Not All SIPs Are the Same

It is important to note that not all SIPs are the same with the major difference being the foam core of the SIPs. The two dominate core materials are Polyurethane (Thermocore) and EPS. The differences are significant and worth a closer look.

  • EPS vs. Polyurethane Foam

    Most structural insulated panels on the market today use two types of foam - polyurethane or expanded polystyrene (EPS). Because of the advantages of polyurethane over EPS foam – especially when it comes to the highest R-value, fire safety and moisture absorption, Thermocore chooses to only manufacture polyurethane foam core panels. We use the best because you deserve the best.

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  • The Thermocore Advantage

    How is Choosing Thermocore for your next build the right economic choice?

    The answers are simple…we have a secret.  Thermocore panels are not a cost, they are an investment.


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