For commercial builders, Thermocore panels will revolutionize your building process.

Thermocore panels, pre-cut and pre-engineered to exact specifications means less labor and less build time on site. CNC cutting of panels ensures that each panel is exactly what specified eliminating jobsite mistakes. No more sorting through materials. Build time is everything in commercial construction, so let Thermocore show you how to increase jobsite productivity while cutting labor. Standard features such as pre-cut door/windows and electrical boxes and conduit are included in the panels. Thermocore also offers an industry leading Class 1 foam core that will not melt when exposed to flame. Thermocore brings you unmatched jobsite speed and accuracy getting your project dried in quickly and saving your customer money. Build with the next generation of building, build with Thermocore.

Included with your Thermocore Commercial package:

  • Complete panel drawings
  • All Panels come CNC cut to the site no jobsite cutting
  • Class 1 rated closed cell polyurethane foam core
    • Will not melt and is self-extinguishing
  • All dimensional lumber is included and installed in the panels less jobsite time/labor
  • All roof ridge and sub-facia lumber installed less jobsite time/labor
  • Industry leading R-24 or R-40 for walls and R-40 or R-50 for roof panels
  • Custom Manufacturing for Complete Design Freedom
    • Completely custom panels created from your plans
    • No panel cutting or added splines/lumber on site
    • Thermocore can work from any standard building plan
    • Detailed panel drawings included
    • Allows for Architect/Builder design input prior to manufacturing. You can add/change electrical, windows and doors at no additional charge. Now that’s custom building at its best.
  • Increased Jobsite Productivity

    Thermocore will improve your jobsite productivity and your bottom line.

    • With Thermocore, detailed panel drawings allow for planning on paper for quick assembly in the field
    • Thermocore panels eliminate sorting through material stacks and missing pieces
    • With Thermocore, there is no returning items for poor quality
    • CNC cutting of panels improves overall building quality
    • Door and window openings in place, framed with 2x4 bucks
      • Pre-configured, pre-engineered panels with double-spline, tongue-and-groove joinery allow fast, simple assembly
      • Ease of assembly allows for greater productivity in poor weather
      • Greater productivity in the field creates substantial labor savings
      • Build year-round, because panels are unaffected by temperature and precipitation
  • Build with Environmental Responsibility
    • Pre-cut panels reduce jobsite waste and waste disposal fees way to build
    • High R-value Thermocore panels reduce HVAC size and demand, which reduces ownership costs
    • You can earn higher LEED scores by utilizing Thermocore panels

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