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Structural Insulated Panel System Products

Crane carrying a Thermocore Structural Insulated Panel

Thermocore offers a panel technology that not only saves you money and pays for itself but one that is environmentally green. Thermocore has a commitment to continually improving the Structurally Insulated Panel System industry by pushing R-values and innovation to the max. Thermocore is the only company with 4-inch thick, R-24 wall panels that accommodate standard window and door jambs (when combined with 1/2 inch of drywall). Our insulated panel products are so advanced that we reduce construction waste, energy consumption, build time and environmental impact.

Great room wall built with Thermocore SIPS

“Thermocore's 4″ thick panel is worth its weight in gold. We were going to have to pay $3,500 for window jamb extensions with all the other panel systems. Thermocore offered the best of both worlds—the highest R-value and being able to use standard window jambs.”

- Gus K.,