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Structural Insulated Panels

Whether you're building your dream home, adding to an existing structure, or creating an innovative commercial or public building, Thermocore structural insulated panels (SIPs) make building green simple, while maximizing energy performance. You'll save thousands of dollars the first year…and the second…and every year after that.

Saves Money

Fast Install

Green Product

Save a third on your energy bill every month. Thermocore's SIP system is the only part of your home that will pay for itself.

Thermocore's panels are built at our factory and are ready to assemble when they arrive, substantially cutting build time.

With little to no waste, using Thermocore's panels, you or your builder will cut waste, keeping it out of the environment.

What makes Thermocore structural insulated panels different from other SIPs?

Only Thermocore's patented 4-inch insulated wall panels accommodate standard building materials, eliminating the need for costly window and door jamb extensions.


In addition to cost savings through energy efficiency, Thermocore's wall and roof SIPs provide:


  • The highest insulation value (R-Value) possible with heavy-duty polyurethane foam
  • Customization for each building design
  • Virtually waste-free production
  • Faster installation
  • Better air quality and noise reduction

More Advantages

“My panels are free. With the energy savings I am realizing my panels are the only product in my new house that pays for itself.”

William D.


“We had $11,000 in added lumber on our last EPS panel project not to mention the added labor. We were fooled by low panel prices. By the time we were done getting the panels to a working state, we were three weeks into it. Thermocore's price seemed higher BUT they included everything. When we looked back, Thermocore's price was definitely cheaper and a lot less work.”

“Thermocore's 4″ thick panel is worth its weight in gold. We were going to have to pay $3,500 for window jamb extensions with all the other panel systems. Thermocore offered the best of both worlds—the highest R-value and being able to use standard window jambs.”

Gus K.


Dan B.



Thermocore panels, helping the environment stay green, one panel at a time

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Thermocore provides structural insulated panels (SIPs) to customers throughout Canada and the United States.

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