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Whether you're building your dream home, adding to an existing structure, or creating an innovative commercial or public building, Thermocore structural insulated panels (SIPs) make building green simple--while maximizing energy performance. You'll save thousands of dollars the first year…and the second…and every year after that!

NEW! 8 1/4-inch, R-50 insulated roof panels for unbeatable energy-saving performance!

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Thermocore's next generation of stud-less framing eliminates thermal breaks and air leaks associated with traditional stick-frame construction. The result is a wall system with twice the insulating power of traditional exterior walls. Thermocore's structural insulated building panels slash energy demand and shrink monthly energy bills.

What makes Thermocore structural insulated panels different from other SIPs? Only Thermocore's patented 4-inch insulated wall panels accommodate standard building materials, eliminating the need for costly window and door jamb extensions. In addition to cost savings through energy efficiency, Thermocore's wall and roof SIPs provide:

  • The highest insulation value possible with heavy-duty polyurethane foam
  • Customization for each building design
  • Virtually waste-free production
  • Faster installation
  • Better air quality and noise reduction

Choose the ground-breaking technology that's green for your wallet and the environment. But don't just take our word about Thermocore SIPs; see what homeowners, architects, and builders say about their real-world experiences. After almost 20 years of improving structural insulated panels for better results, Thermocore makes the world a better place — one building at a time!

Three photos of buildings built with Thermocore® panel systems

Interior of home built with Thermocore SIPS

“My panels are free. With the energy savings I am realizing my panels are the only product in my new house that pays for itself.”

- William D.,