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Advanced Insulated Roof Panels

Home under construction with Thermocore Insulated Roof Panels

NEW! 8 1/4-inch, R-50 insulated roof panels for unbeatable energy-saving performance!

Top off your structure with Thermocore's insulated roof panels. You'll have them in place in a fraction of the time required for traditional framing, protecting all your hard work on the inside. With the polyurethane already built into the insulated roof panels, you can even skip the attic. Just one more way to cut costs and save time!

Choose the Best Insulated Roof Panel for Your Project:

8 1/4-inch, R-50


6 1/2-inch, R-40

  • Industry-leading insulation value in a thin profile
  • Quickest protection available
  • The finishing touch for maximum savings

Thermocore's insulated roof panels come with subfacia, ridge, and gable cuts to make construction as easy as possible. Just choose the option that best fits your budget and design. There's no better way to maximize the energy efficiency of your building envelope and speed the return on your investment.

Great room wall built with Thermocore SIPS

“Thermocore's 4″ thick panel is worth its weight in gold. We were going to have to pay $3,500 for window jamb extensions with all the other panel systems. Thermocore offered the best of both worlds—the highest R-value and being able to use standard window jambs.”

- Gus K.,