Surviving a Microburst with SIPs Construction

No damage to Thermocore SIP Wall Panel in Illinois Home
No damage to Thermocore SIP Wall and Roof Panels for a Residence in Illinois
Evanston, Illinois

Project Type: Residential Building
SIP Benefits / Energy Savings: Reduced HVAC requirements by an entire grade
R-value: R-40 Wall panels; R-50 Roof panels
Thermocore Products: 6 1/2” structural insulated wall panels and 8 1/4” structural insulated roof panels 

When a “microburst” (massive, sudden winds during a thunderstorm) hit Evanston, Illinois, trees crashed down, sidewalks buckled, and part of a hospital roof flew off. But this Thermocore home almost finished with installation of R-40, 6 1/2” structural insulated wall panels and R-50, 8 1/4” structural insulated roof panels suffered no damage—a testament to the strength of Thermocore SIPs, great SIPs installation, and effective planning by the structural engineer. These photos were taken right after the storm.

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