Thermocore Panels Will Save You Tons

May 29, 2019

Literally, Thermocore structural insulated panels will save you tons in both money through lower heating/cooling costs and also saves tons of pollution from being dumped into the atmosphere.  How do we know this?  It is pointed out in the air leakage/Energy Star report on the Poole residence in Washington Island, Wisconsin.  The Pooles had their home evaluated by a home energy rating company once it was complete. 

logo - energy starThese reports can vary in their content and details.  The Poole report is very detailed.  So much so that not only does it give the annual amount saved in dollars, it also gives a summary of various pollutants NOT being released into the atmosphere due to the overall low energy consumption of their residence.  We are including the report as part of this posting.  Clearly you can see that not only does building with Thermocore Polyurethane Panels improve your monthly cash flow, you also get the benefit of helping to reduce the amount of pollutants being released into the environment.  That is something your kids will thank you for.  

Other benefits of building with Thermocore Panel systems:

The more energy-efficient the home the higher the resale price as shown in a 2017 report by The North Carolina Building Performance Association noting “There is a strong correlation between lower HERS index scores and higher selling price per square foot of home”.

The University of North Carolina’s Center For Community found that the lower your HERS score the lower the chance of foreclosure on your house.  Their findings concluded that energy-efficient homes, like those built with Thermocore panels, can save up to $250 a month in utility bills.  Specifically, The Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks study examined 71,000 home loans from 38 states and the District of Columbia, with loans taken out from 2002 to 2012. The results showed that the chances of mortgage default were one-third lower for those with energy-efficient homes.

Building with Thermocore Panels is ALL about saving you money, protecting the environment and improving your monthly cash flow.  What other product in your home can do all that??