Fighting the Polar Vortex

February 1, 2019

Thermocore structural insulated panels vs. the polar vortex? Well, we can’t stop the extreme cold from happening, but Thermocore SIPs can keep it from bleeding your wallet.

Extreme weather – which seems to happen more and more frequently throughout the year – is the monthly expense you can’t predict. Feel the drafts? Furnace (or air conditioner in the summer) working overtime? All these add up to increased heating and cooling costs – and less monthly disposable income in your wallet. You can’t predict when these money-robbing events will occur, but you can choose the best defense against extreme weather.

You have locks on your doors, and maybe some cameras or an alarm system, to safeguard the valuables in your home. Why wouldn’t you protect yourself from the weather robbing your finances?

Thermocore SIPs with polyurethane foam give you the highest insulating value and keep your home at a constant temperature, no matter the conditions outside. Because of Thermocore’s speed of construction and energy efficiency, no other building product offers as much of a financial impact on your build and ongoing home ownership costs. By utilizing Thermocore insulated panels in the construction of your new home or addition, you fight the polar vortex – and any other extreme weather – with the best weapon you can buy!