Energy-Efficient Homes Bring Higher Sale Prices

April 25, 2018

You might expect that if you sell your energy-efficient SIPs home, prospective buyers will appreciate the monthly savings on their utility bills. In fact, according to a recent report from the North Carolina Building Performance Association (NCBPA), high-performance homes garnered an average 9.5% premium. Using the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index (a way to quantify how much energy you save), the study showed a strong correlation between lower HERS scores and higher total sale prices and prices per square foot. Guess what? Homes built with Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels consistently score lower on the HERS Index – which means a higher expected return if you ever choose to leave your comfortable, energy-efficient SIPs home. The NCBPA’s report studied three North Carolina metro areas, but experience shows the same results across the country. A higher sale price is just one more payback from your Thermocore SIPs investment.