Paradigm Buster

June 27, 2012

One of our customers, John Young, calls this the construction paradigm: How do you balance quality, speed, and cost? To maximize one, you usually have to sacrifice the other two.

But John calls Thermocore SIPs the paradigm buster. “It’s all three–good, fast, and inexpensive,” he said.

Why settle? Especially when you can make your life easier AND save money?

Lots of people resist change. They think if they’ve been stick building for years, it must be the best way. But if that logic applies, why do we use the Internet? I used a typewriter in high school, but computers sure make my life easier now.

I’ll admit that SIPs construction is different from traditional construction. It’s faster and easier. It results in a much sturdier building and cuts energy costs. No one has yet convinced me that’s a bad thing.