Thermocore offers the industry's most complete custom SIPs package.

Design however you want - We’ll make our Structural Insulated Panels fit your design.

Thermocore’s focus is manufacturing panels custom to your specification with no extra charges often found with other panel systems. With Thermocore it’s all included.

Thermocore SIPs put no limits on an architect’s creativity. Just send us your architectural drawings or CAD files for residential or commercial buildings and we’ll design the SIPs package for you. Thermocore will make your vision come to life faster and more energy efficient than outdated stick frame methods. With CNC cutting technology, Thermocore can achieve accuracies you just can’t get in the field. Help your customers build to a higher standard while putting money back into their pockets each month with unmatched energy savings. Thermocore panels don’t cost - they save!

Included in a Thermocore package:

  • Complete panel drawings
  • Door/window and all electrical boxes pre-installed in panels
  • Door/window and electrical boxes can be added during the panel drawing phase at no additional charge
  • Panels are not manufactured until your final approval
  • CNC cutting of panels for door/window and all electrical boxes and conduit

All of this custom to your plan and at no extra cost to your customer. All of these features will also save you time and labor on site.  It's time to step up to the next generation in building technology. Step up to Thermocore.

Ready to save energy? Money? Build faster?

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