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Thermocore Structural Insulated Panels: It all starts with the foam.It all starts with the foam

ONE GOAL:  Passionate about building, driven by innovation.

Thermocore was started in 1993 with one goal.  To take the idea of structural insulated panels (SIPs) and improve it.  After all, no other building insulation product had as much to offer as SIPs…yet they failed to gain mainstream acceptance.  In their research, Thermocore uncovered a number of improvements that were needed in order to move SIPs forward.  First, Thermocore determined that SIPs needed to be as close to waste-free as possible both during the manufacturing process and once on site.  Panels also needed to be completely customizable without penalty and be trade-friendly too.  That meant incorporating electrical boxes into the panel during the manufacturing process.  So with these improvements, Thermocore set out to change the way panels where being made and how they performed in the field.  

Polyurethane SIPs / Waste-Free

The first step was to determine the foam core.  Thermocore chose polyurethane foam.  Polyurethane foam is the clear leader in insulating power, strength, and safety.  Highest R-value and the fact that polyurethane foam will not melt made it the clear choice.  The next step was to develop a unique manufacturing process that would allow for virtually waste free Thermocore Wall Panel with CNC for Electric Boxesmanufacturing while also allow for the insertion of electrical boxes and conduit custom to your plan, which is an industry first.  The result is a structural insulated panel that is as friendly to the environment as it is to your wallet.  

Thermocore continued to innovate with the introduction of its patented 4” thick R-24 wall panel.  This is the industries only SIP wall panel that will accommodate standard window jambs when combined with ½” drywall.  These improvements place Thermocore at the forefront of SIP technology and the industry leader in SIP value.  What’s next?  Thermocore is committed to constant improvement and innovation.  Thermocore introduced the industry’s first 8” R-50 roof panel, again leading the way in panel innovation. Thermocore will continue to be the industry leader in SIP innovation and technology… helping you build a safer and more energy efficient home.

  • More money saving features than any other panel company

    Thermocore Panel System offers more money saving features than any other panel system on the market.  Innovation has been our driving force to our patented 4” R-24 wall panels to our industry leading 8-1/4” R-50 panel no other panel company has worked to bring you the type of features that will help you build quickly, energy efficiently for less cost of other panel systems.  

    Take a look at The Thermocore’s Advantages and see for yourself the Thermocore difference.

    Also use our panel worksheet to better compare your panel system costs

    All electrical boxes and conduit installed Thermocore installs all of your electrical boxes and conduits-custom to your plan- as part of our panel package.  Square or octagon boxes along with ¾” ID schedule 40 PVC conduit connects all of your electrical according to your design.  This is a major cost savings over other systems that only provide electrical “chases”.  Real electrical boxes and real conduit with your design input allows for the lowest finish cost of any panel system on the market.  According to studies the upcharge for electricians to wire a non Thermocore panel house is 40%.  Get the energy savings you want without the added electrician upcharge.  

    Pre-cut/Pre-bucked Panels  All of Thermocore wall and roof panels come CNC cut with all door and window openings in place.  CNC assures accurate cutting that just can’t be found in stick framing.  Thermocore also includes all window/door 2x bucking material so that your panels are ready for door and window install.  No additional lumber and labor is needed to “buck” out your openings as you will find with other panel companies.  Saving you lumber and labor saves you money.  

    Patented 4” R-24 wall panel.  The industries first and only wall panel that allows for the use of standard window jambs when combined with ½” drywall.  This saves you on costly window/door jamb extensions

  • We use a better foam because you are worth it!

    It all Starts with the Foam

    COLOR Yellow White
    R-VALUE PER INCH 6.9 3.8
    higher density equals higher strength
    2.5 lb. minimum 1.0 lb.
    EXPOSURE TO HEAT Will never melt Not recommended for temperatures above 170° due to softening (can be cut with a knife)
    EXPOSURE TO FLAME Self-extinguishing
    (not a fuel source)
    Fuel for fire
    VAPOR BARRIER Serves as its own vapor barrier Vapor barrier needed
    COMMON USES Commercial and industrial insulation, refrigerator insulation, reach-in retail coolers, insulated entry and garage doors Disposable coffee cups, packaging foam, disposable coolers

    Because of the advantages of polyurethane over EPS foam – especially the higher insulation value and fire safety – Thermocore only manufactures polyurethane foam core panels. We use the best because you deserve the best.

  • Did You Know?

    When it comes to real innovation, Thermocore Panel Systems is the industry leader

    • Thermocore Panel Systems was the first to offer 8’x24’ polyurethane core panels
    • Thermocore panel systems was the first panel company to offer CNC cut panels
    • Thermocore Panel Systems was the first panel company to offer pre-cut and pre bucked panels
    • Thermocore Panel Systems was the first and only panel company to offer custom electrical boxes and conduit in your panels as a standard feature
    • Thermocore’s patented 4” R-24 panel is the highest R-value in a standard jamb wall (4-9/16)”
    • Thermocore Panel Systems was the first panel company to offer an optional plumb eve


    All of these innovations results in significant time, labor and most of all money savings for you!

    Build with the leader in SIPs innovation.

    Build with Thermocore!

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