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Compare to Stick Built Homes

SIPS Compared to Stick Built Homes

Thermocore's structurally insulated panel system offers features you just can't get from conventional stick built homes. Most importantly, unlike stick framing, Thermocore SIPS deliver what you pay for. According to Oak Ridge National Laboratories, conventional fiberglass insulation loses 30% of its stated R-value once you take it out of the bag and place it in the wall. Even when builders try to increase the R-Value by using 2x6 R-19 construction instead of 2x4 R-13, the losses are the same. In fact, most builders do not realize that in order to get the full R-19, the batts must be 6-1/2″ thick. As we all know, a 2x6 is only 5-1/2″ thick, forcing you to compress the fiberglass and diminishing its thermal effectiveness. Structural insulated panels are the only insulating product that perform at stated R-Value in the field.

In addition, dirt, compression, and moisture can further diminish R-Values of most insulation products, but not Thermocore's SIPS. Thermocore structurally insulated panels are impervious to moisture, will not compress, and will never form mold or allow dirt in their cavity. Now that's performance in the field!

Home built with Thermocore SIPS

Built with Thermocore SIPS

Conventional stick built home


Other features that Thermocore SIPS offer over stick built are:

  • Class 1/A fire rating on foam which eliminates fire chases.
  • Increases strength.
  • Eliminates any possibility of mold in exterior walls.
  • Eliminates shrinkage and nail pops.
  • Eliminates warping and twisting of studs.
  • Greatly reduces drywall waste.
  • Increases framing productivity.
  • Increases homeowner value.
  • Increases speed and quality of trim work.

Don't you think it's time to step up to the Thermocore structural insulated panel system advantage?

Interior of home built with Thermocore SIPS

“We no longer have to worry about the impact of rising energy costs. Our utility bills are less than half of what our neighbors who use stick built. They all struggle under the increases where as we do not have to be concerned.”

- John T.,