A Story of SIPs and Construction Efficiency

There’s so much to consider when you design a building. So many opportunities to be efficient–or not.

Here’s what one customer shared about using structural insulated panels: “Thermocore gives us the best thermal resistance values for the square footage and thicknesses we use, which in construction means other efficiencies–the wall thicknesses translate into foundation thicknesses and jam extensions for windows,” said Marty Serena, AIA, principal with Chicago-based Serena Sturm Architects. “The bigger and thicker you get, the more parts and pieces you need from the other trades to compensate. With Thermocore SIPS, we can build a better box quicker and more efficiently.”

Read more about Marty’s experience with Thermocore structural insulated panels here.

Making Green Building an Easier Sell

When I hear people in the construction industry say they can’t sell customers on the idea of green building, I wonder what exactly they’re trying to sell.

After designing with Thermocore SIPs, Patrick Kestner, project manager and associate with One 10 Studio in Indianapolis, shared, “When we can say you’ll get a quieter building that exceeds energy code by more than double and you’ll get payback in a couple of years with utility bills at 30 percent less, that definitely gets the attention of both residential and commercial clients.” (Read more about Patrick’s experience with Thermocore structural insulated panels here.)

Even if you’re not interested in helping the earth, who doesn’t want to save money?