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About Us

Thermocore - Structural Insulated Panel Systems

Thermocore was started in 1993 with one goal: To take the idea of structural insulated panels (SIPs) and make it better. No other building insulation product offered as much insulation value and ease of construction, yet SIPs failed to gain mainstream acceptance since their first use over 40 years ago.

Through a comprehensive research process — including interviews with builders and architects and tours of existing SIPs plants — Thermocore uncovered the improvements necessary to move structural insulated panels forward:

  • Virtually waste-free production during the manufacturing and on-site construction processes; makes sense if you want to be green, right?
  • Customizable — without penalty — to allow for use in any kind of building or renovation project
  • Trade-friendly to ensure smooth construction

With this list of improvements, Thermocore set out to change the way structural insulated panels were made and how they performed in the field. First, Thermocore chose polyurethane foam, the clear leader in insulating power, strength, and safety. Next, Thermocore developed a unique manufacturing process to eliminate waste, fit the exact requirements of each project, and allow for the insertion of electrical boxes and conduit custom to each plan (an industry first!).

To make sure that each insulated panel performs as promised, Thermocore also began examining every SIPs with an infrared camera before shipping. The final inspection stamp ensures the highest energy efficiency, with a structural insulated panel that's as friendly to the environment as it is to your wallet.

Thermocore continues to innovate with the introduction of its patented 4-inch, R-24 wall panel, the industry's only insulated wall panel that cuts costs by accommodating standard window and door jambs (when combined with 1/2-inch of drywall). Imagine a building product so advanced that it not only speeds your build time, but pays you back every day with substantial energy savings. No other construction product returns as much to you as Thermocore structural insulated panels!

What's next? Thermocore stands committed to constant improvement, with an 8-inch, R-50 roof panel available in 2011 to provide even higher insulation performance. These advancements distinguish Thermocore as the industry leader in SIPs value, at the forefront of SIPs technology.

Headquartered in Mooresville, Indiana — a central location to minimize shipping costs for customers — Thermocore works with homeowners, builders, and architects throughout the U.S. and Europe to custom-manufacture structural insulated panels for home and commercial building design.

Thermocore SIPS home under construction

“We had $11,000 in added lumber on our last EPS panel project not to mention the added labor. We were fooled by low panel prices. By the time we were done getting the panels to a working state, we were three weeks into it. Thermocore's price seemed higher BUT they included everything. When we looked back, Thermocore's price was definitely cheaper and a lot less work.”

- Dan B.,